Kelsey is a painter, illustrator and designer who finds inspiration in anything fun and floral. As a self taught artist living in Nashville, Tennessee, she is not afraid to get her hands messy in trying something new. While Kelsey works with palette knife to create unique texture through vibrant pops of color, the small brush stroke details are not lost on her. She considers combining the two to be the best of both worlds.

Whether it be a custom wedding bouquet, a funky floral or a family’s beloved barn, she is passionate about creating unique ways to turn memories into something tangible through a painting. She loves how a piece of art can be a constant reminder that she is blessed beyond measure to spend her days pursuing the wild life of being an artist. 


I have three great loves in my life. Wesley, Willow, and a good bottle of red wine. Order of preference, to be determined. 

If ever I were to go missing, I can promise you there will be a trail of Cheez-it’s, popcorn crumbs and droplets of pinot noir that will lead you straight to me. 

For all my F.r.i.e.n.d.s. out there, I have come to accept and embrace that the similarities between Phoebe Buffay and I are beyond question at this point.

I have a love affair with Target. Our chemistry is undeniable and the gravitational pull that we have towards one another is dangerously alarming. 

I am a firm believer in The Ellen Show, surprises and always choosing to be kind.

For the first time in my life, my pursuit of creativity and my profession are parallel. To have this opportunity to explore, create and make an absolute mess while doing so is humbling to say the least. So, whatever this season may bring, I am beyond happy to invite you all along for the ride.